Social Media in the Modern Workplace

Attention small businesses!! Have you integrated social media into your workplace yet? If not, well then you should, because social media is how business operates these days.

Social media has run rampant within businesses, big and small, and there really is no escape from it now. Social media can be particularly useful for small businesses as it gives them the perfect platform to project themselves out to the world. It gives small businesses the opportunity to gain much more reach to their target audience than they would ever be able to without social media. This is also the same for non-profit organizations. In order to gain the funding and donations they need, social media plays a huge part in the organization getting what they need. The ways that small businesses predominantly use social media is for advertising, and even then, so many small businesses and non-profits don’t use it because it is still expensive to advertise online. To just see the benefits of marketing the small business online, here’s a graphic that gives a few stats about small business and social media.



–    To what ends?

–        How might the use of social media differ for small and large businesses and in B2C and B2B contexts?

–        When used by businesses, in what ways does mobile social media differ from ‘traditional’ social media?

–        What, if any, are the risks of using social media to small businesses (and all businesses)?


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